Designed by Integrated Handrail Systems, the CrystalRail is a futuristic handrail innovation, available for today's projects.

By day, the CrystalRail compliments any walkway or staircase with a clear, "glass-like" handrail. By night, its luminescent effect offers its viewers a luxurious display.

Custom machined from high grade aluminum, CrystalRail's elegantly designed Light Emitting Couplings focus the beams of light into the handrail, creating a soft glow from the handrail. Not only is the intensity of the LED bulbs enough to illuminate the walkway and surrounding walls, they do so while saving energy. The electricity consumption of the CrystalRail equates to approximately 1 watt per linear foot of handrail. Generally lasting longer than 50,000 hours, these LED's are quickly becoming the choice for household and commercial applications.

clear handrailLED Handrail

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