CrystalRail is a handrail design which satisfies multiple architectural, safety, installation , and maintenance challenges.

  • Architectural
  • Safety
  • Installation
  • Options
ArchitecturalIt often becomes a challenge to give a highlighted appearance to a specific area. From home baulistrades to castle grand entrances, the CrystalRail will give an eye appealing touch. Use the subtle look of the clear rod, or go with the jazzier bubble rod. Nothing else will highlight the area better. Two styles of handrail supports allow you to attach the rail to solid (wood/drywall, brick, cement, etc.) or glass structures. Indoor or outdoor options are also available.

When it comes to safety, CrystalRail steps to the plate. Not only does it comply with the builder's code for weight requirements, it also satisfies the need for handrail visibility. Ideal for light restricted areas, you can set a comfortable visibilty level, by adjusting the dimmer switch. Optional features also include a motion detector, which can be helpful in areas where traffic is infrequent, or where a pathway or staircase needs to be illuminated.

For even the most simplistic residential or commercial designs, it can get complicating to find a product that is adaptable to curves, bends, rises, etc. CrystalRail tackles all these obstacles with ease. Made from a rigid polymer, the handrail is formable to all angles. From a CAD drawing (or even detailed hand drawings), we can preform the rail to your specifications.

Standard features are:

  1. Control Panel
    • On/Off Switch
    • Low Voltage Transformer
    • Dimmer Switch
  2. Light Emitting Couplings
  3. Clear Handrail Rod

Optional features are:

  1. Bubble Rod
  2. 7 Day Programmable Timer
  3. Sunrise/Sunset Activation
  4. Motion Sensor Activation
  5. Low Light Activation
  6. Weatherproofed for Outdoor Applications