Handrail Components

The handrail consists of 3 main components.

The Dual Light Coupling

Every 6 to 10 feet within the handrail, a Dual Light Emitter is used to both support the handrail and project the light beam in both directions of the handrail. If your rod extends longer than 12 feet without a coupling, the light intensity will begin to fade out.

The Handrail Rod

The handrail rod is made from an impact modified plastic resin. The superb clarity is compared only to glass. Noted for its durability, weatherability, ease of maintenance, the handrail rod will hold up to the harshest of environmental conditions. It is available in two styles: Clear Rod and Bubble Rod.




The Control Panel

Control Panel


The Control Panel contains all the necessary hardware to make your Illumarail function. Standard features include:

  • AC/DC Power Transformer (powers up to 35 feet of handrail)
  • On/Off Switch
  • Dimmer Switch
  • Weather resistant box

Addition options are:

  • Additional Power Transformers (for extended handrail lengths)
  • 7 Day Programmable Timer
  • Sunrise/Sunset Controls
  • Motion Sensor Activation
  • Low Light Activation
  • RGB Color Module (coming soon)